Month: November 2015

NCRGE Holds Third Advisory Board Meeting

NCRGE meeting at IES in Washington DC

NCRGE held its third advisory board meeting on November 5, 2015. The advisory board provided feedback on increasing survey responses, selecting schools for case study visits, and strategies to improve the case study visits. The meeting was held in the IES conference room in Washington, DC.

2015-11-05 14.26.39

NCRGE Researchers and Advisory Board

Front row: Yaacov Petscher, Frank Worrell, Sidney Moon, Julia Roberts, Jacquelin Medina, and Rachel Chung; Back row: Yvette Jackson, Del Siegle, D. Betsy McCoach, David Leal, Camilla Benbow, Lynn Vernon-Feagans, E. Jean Gubbins, Carolyn Callahan, and Rena Subotnik.