About the NCRGE Logo

The NCRGE logo was designed with three possible interpretations in mind.



The open books on top of each other are clear when you look at the logo two-dimensionally. They symbolize gifted students and their potential to contribute new knowledge.


The stack of pages becomes clear when you look at the logo in three dimensions. The corners of the pages come at the viewer in space. The pages symbolize the NCRGE and the research that the Center conducts.


The birds are perhaps the quickest read; we’ve all drawn birds this way since we were kids. They are a symbol of the students who benefit from the work of the NCRGE, who will soar and reach new heights as a result of the Center’s research.

Plum and Fuchsia Colors

Purples are the last colors in the visible light spectrum, so they are said to represent the future.  The nation’s future depends on developing the gifts and talents of students.