Module 4 Check-Up


What are the general phases to the transition to the accelerated grade?

a. Planning, communication, exposure

b. Placement and evaluation of initial adjustment

c. Ongoing monitoring

d. All of the above



Which of the following information should be included in phase 2?

a. Once the student is placed in the new grade, the facilitator should conduct regular observations of the student in different settings

b. The minimum time of observation should be 2-3 weeks

c. The student should have opportunities to share reflections.

d. All of the above



True or False? Transition to the new grade may happen at various times during the academic year. No matter when the acceleration is implemented, it is helpful to the student to have the opportunity for exposure to the new class setting and new classmates.

a. True

b. False



True or False? The transition period is only about 2-3 weeks and ongoing monitoring is unnecessary.

a. True

b. False




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