Module 3 Overview

Using the Integrated Acceleration System — The Child Study Team Meeting

How Do You Know if Acceleration is the Right Choice?

Determining whether or not to accelerate a child can feel overwhelming. Wouldn’t it be great if you could systematically account for all the important factors and automatically generate a report about whether acceleration would be a good fit for a particular student?

Integrated Acceleration System

Introducing the Integrated Acceleration System

The Integrated Acceleration System, an online tool developed by leading researchers in gifted education, guides participants through the integration of information about acceleration. Informed by decades of research, the Integrated Acceleration System includes all of the major factors to consider when making a decision and produces a report about readiness for one of the many forms of acceleration.

In this module you will learn:

  • Who participates in the Integrated Acceleration System process
  • What information is needed for the Integrated Acceleration System process
  • The steps of Integrated Acceleration System
  • How to lead a discussion using the Integrated Acceleration System

Module Overview

There is a flow of information and communication to the Integrated Acceleration System. This includes discussion among the family, teachers, and administrators during a child study team meeting. This discussion will inform recommendations regarding acceleration for the student, and it should be followed by further discussion with the student to reach final decisions for placement.

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By the end of this module, you should… 

  • Understand the roles of specific team members in the child-study team meeting.
  • Recognize the importance of communication in preparing the team members before the meeting. 
  • Be comfortable using the Integrated Acceleration System to consult with team members concerning the academic, psychosocial, and logistical factors affecting acceleration. 
  • Be comfortable contributing to a team meeting in your school.  
  • Know how to interpret the acceleration recommendation report produced by the Integrated Acceleration System and come to consensus on how to move forward.
Approximate Time Required
Learning Objective/Activity
11 Minutes
Watch video 1 to learn about the following objectives:
1. Know which people should be present at the acceleration meeting.
2. Watch and evaluate excerpts from a role-play of an acceleration meeting and know how to conduct and/or contribute to a similar meeting in your school.
3. Be able to use the Integrated Acceleration System to counsel with team members concerning the academic, social-emotional, and logistical factors affecting acceleration.  
5 Minutes
11 Minutes
Watch  video 2  to learn about the last objective in this module:
4. Know how to complete the acceleration recommendation report produced by the Integrated Acceleration System and come to consensus on how to move forward (grade acceleration, subject acceleration, or no change).
5 Minutes
Total time to complete module: 30 minutes or less




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