Module 2 Overview

Module Overview


Data Points and the Integrated Acceleration System

The Integrated Acceleration System is a tool for schools and families to use as they work to determine if acceleration is an appropriate intervention for the student. The process of completing the Integrated Acceleration System will help you determine if acceleration is an appropriate intervention for the learner. Gathering objective data and assembling a child study team including family members, teachers, and administrators will provide information essential to making a sound decision.


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By the end of this module, you should…

  • Understand the data points needed when considering if some type of acceleration is the best intervention for a specific student. 
  • Recognize the differences between and among measures of achievement, aptitude, and ability.
  • Understand the universal screening process for acceleration and why it is necessary from an equity perspective.
  • Understand the key elements of the Integrated Acceleration System, how to enter necessary information, and how to manage the process. 


Approximate Time Required
Learning Objective/Activity
3 Minutes
8 Minutes
5 Minutes
 Review Handout on Achievement, Aptitude, and Ability Testing (see attachment in the section below)
5 Minutes
Check-up on Types of Assessments
1 Minute
1 Minute
6 Minutes
8 Minutes
5 Minutes
Check-up on the Components of the Integrated Acceleration System
~42 Minutes
Total Time Required for Module 2




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