Section 2.2 Check-Up


Which of the following is NOT a data point entered into the Integrated Acceleration System?

a. Whether or not the student wants to be accelerated / how he or she feels about it.

b. The current grade of any of the student’s siblings.

c. The perspective of the district superintendent.

d. The student’s past success with other gifted services or advanced learning opportunities.



Which of these is NOT a required member of the child study team meeting with the Integrated Acceleration System?

a. The school principal

b. The student’s current teacher

c. The parent or guardian

d. The teacher of the class the student might join if he or she is accelerated.



Which of these would be a possible outcome of an Integrated Acceleration System process / child study team meeting?

a. The student could be whole-grade accelerated / grade skipped.

b. The student could be accelerated in one or more content / subject areas (subject acceleration)

c. The child stays in her current grade level / no acceleration is warranted at this time.

d. All of the above.




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