General Feedback for Section 3.2 Check-Up

General Feedback for Section 3.2 Check-Up


Q1.  Who do you think should decide if the student is a good candidate for acceleration?

a.  The Integrated Acceleration System will calculate the relevant data and the group should ALWAYS follow its recommendation.

b. The groups should use the Integrated Acceleration System report as a guide in making their final decision. The group should discuss the evidence and come to consensus about whether or not to accelerate the student.


Correct answer: b. The data is a guide, but the decision should be made based on the evidence and the team’s consensus.


Q2. Once the Integrated Acceleration System makes its acceleration recommendation the team should…

a. Adopt whatever the report says. It is backed by research and will make the best recommendation for the student.

b. Discuss the recommendation and let each member of the group vote to accelerate or not accelerate. The majority opinion should prevail.

c. Take time to hear each person’s viewpoint and discuss any concerns. Come to a group consensus to accelerate or not accelerate.  The report provides useful information, but the group can decide to accelerate or not accelerate regardless of what the report says.


Correct answer: c. The group’s discussion is important to come to a consensus about the best decision for the student.




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