General feedback for Section 3.1 Check-up

General feedback for Section 3.1 Check-up


Q1.  Which of the following should be at the acceleration meeting?

a. Parent of legal guardian

b. Student’s current teacher

c. Facilitator

d. The receiving teacher of the class the student may move into

e. The student

f. All of the above

g. All but e


Correct answer: g.  The acceleration team meeting will inform recommendations regarding acceleration for the student, and each team member has their specific role in the discussion. The team meeting will be followed by further discussion with the student. If acceleration into the next grade is the recommended intervention, a transition plan to put this intervention in place is developed by the team (see Module 4).


Q2. When should all academic testing data be gathered?

a. Prior to the meeting so it can already be entered into the Integrated Acceleration System.

b. The student should be tested during the meeting.

c. The testing should happen after the meeting when the group has decided the student needs to be tested.


Correct answer: a.  The academic testing data should be gathered prior to the team meeting so that all the members have this important information to support the discussion. 




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