EL Study

In addition to the NCRGE exploratory study (Phase 1) described elsewhere, the Center created another pool of schools for site visits by the Center. In conjunction with the Institute, the Center selected case study schools that successfully identify a high percentage of EL students for gifted program services. The Center selected 9 districts and conducted case studies at 1 to 2 schools per district. At least 5 of the case study districts had a large number of English learners and at least 3 had smaller but growing EL populations.

The Center worked with the Institute staff to select a five-member EL expert panel consisting of two gifted education experts and three EL experts. The panel met with members of the Center and members of the Institute staff in Washington, DC. At that meeting, the Center shared a preliminary review of literature on successful identification practices of EL students for gifted programs and a draft study design to study school programs that demonstrate promising practices at identifying EL students for gifted programs.

The Center completed a comprehensive review of literature that covers all research that indicates effective practices for identifying ELs as well as research that indicates the types of personnel who are involved in referring and assessing ELs for GT. The Center distinguished between studies that used What Works Clearinghouse criteria and those that did not.

On the basis of this work, NCRGE has 15 recommendations for increasing participation of EL students in gifted programs.

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